Saturday, May 12, 2012

My wife - Professional Mom

One of the beauties of social media is the ability to lift people up publicly.  I was really trying to think of a way to honor my wife for the amazing mother that she is and I feel the Lord led me to this blog.  I wrestled with it because I do not want it be about me, but rather point to an amazing woman who is following Christ with her whole heart.

My wife has the hardest job in the world, for 15 hours of each day she is caring for, investing in, and teaching children.  We have two girls, one is 3 and the other is 1; and at the same time she works two days a week at church in the Parents Day Out program where she has 3-4 toddlers.  What I think is so amazing about my bride is that when she is spending time with any of these kids it is not just about providing child care to her.  She genuinely wants to invest in the lives of these children and point them to Jesus.  I take for granted so many times what an amazing ministry she has.

No matter what the fit, tantrum, or argument that comes from our 3 year old (who is a very good little girl, but we all have our moments) my wife never tells our little girl that the reason she is telling her to do something is because she said so.  Rather, she points to the fact that the Lord tells us to love one another.  She is always quoting the memory verse from first look.  Its not all about the bad either, when our little girl is being perfect (which she generally is) my bride makes sure that she tells our little girl that not only does it make mommy happy, but it also makes Jesus happy.  Every time I hear this my heart melts, because there is nothing more important to me than for my little girl to surrender her life to Jesus.  With my bride continually investing in her life with this sort of leadership our 3 year old has already asked some very intuitive questions regarding faith.  She understands that Christ died on the cross for our sins and that he rose again on the 3rd day and is still alive.  My bride along with the folks of first look and parents day out have done such a good job planting that seed that I am honored to get to see it grow.

One key part of faith is not just speaking, but doing....and I take for granted what an amazing doer of faith that my bride is. First of all, for 15 hours out of her day she is investing in the lives of children.  We have made the decision that her investment in the lives of our girl is more important than her to provide an income.  This takes sacrifice.  That along with the time that she sacrifices is such a real life tangible picture of the selflessness that Christ demands of us.  She puts her ministry ahead of herself.

Now I know I am biased, but I felt it necessary to give God the glory he deserves for the amazing creation of his that just so happens to be my wife.  Thank you Lord for giving me such a clear, living, breathing example of you in the person of my bride.  I pray that I would not take for granted the ministry that she does every day and that I would strive to live out my faith with the same reckless abandon as she does. 

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