Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Lives - Who really cares

It's 115 am and I am sitting here rocking my 1 year old little girl.  I have been thinking a lot about this blog and figured it would at least keep me from falling asleep in the glider.  Let me go ahead and make a confession, me and my wife watch the tv show "Friends" way too much.  We were watching it this afternoon and realized something that really made me step back and evaluate a few things.

If you watched Friends when it was on during primetime you probably remember the final season and how it lead up to that final episode.  The one we watched today happened to be the very last one. What was so amazing was that even though it was a tv show I remember going through the same emotions the characters were going through during that last episode.  Now I didn't cry or anything like that, buy I remember being sad that the show was over.

Now, that is just a tv show with actors portraying characters from a script.  But it is amazing to me the impact those people had on our lives.  Typical weekly conversation invlolved what was going on with friends.  We didn't know these people, in reality they weren't even real people.  This poses a couple questions.

First, if a tv show impacts us that much how much more impactful are our lives on the people around us.  If we live our lives for Jesus Christ, who was 100% God and 100% man and radically changes our lives; then the impact it has on people should be infinitely greater.  If we live for Christ then our lives are such that people do discuss them often, and people are wondering what us different about us.  This should open doors for the chance to share the gospel.

However, there's a little detail we must remember about tv shows, we basically see the most intimate portion of their lives.  We see things that a lot of people wouldn't share with their family.  That poses my second question, do we open our lives up to the level where people can see exactly what we are about?  They see our hope in Jesus, and our desire to live for Him?  Or do we keep that part of our life private because it will expose our weakness (according to the world)?  I think if we want to impact people for Christ we have to let our lives be as transparent as tv shows in order to expose our understanding of our depraivity and the only true antidote to that.  Once we allow people to see that we open the door for the gospel to be shared.

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